Turkish Airlines mega sale started today!

Turkish Airlines

Although there was no official announcement, we can see a bunch of very good deals by Turkish Airlines. Apparently it lasts until the 18th of May and this promotion applies to departures from Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

You can book directly from their website or from flights aggregator like momondo.com where the prices tend to be around 10% lower.

We compiled a list with some of the most interesting destinations and prices:

Dubai from €309

Abu Dhabi €219 (from Riga)

Cancun from €479

Kuala Lumpur €419

Port Louis, Mauritius from €549

Bogota from €509

Seychelles from €489

New York from €399

Boston €409

Tel Aviv from €209 (€179 from Riga)

Beirut from €209

Algiers from €239

Marrakesh from €209

Casablanca from €209

Seoul from €459

Sao Paulo from €469

Panama from €479

Johannesburg from €429

New Delhi from €329 (€309 from Riga)

Almaty from €309 (€249 from Riga and Vilnius)

Astana from €259 (€189 from Riga)

Chicago from €399

Tashkent from €309

Bishkek from €329 (€289 from Vilnius)

Mumbai from €359

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from €449

Zanzibar €549

Kilimanjaro from €339

Addis Ababa from €509

Nairobi from €349

Lagos €489

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