Welcome to WowTrips.eu! We are Oleg and Veronika, a travel-loving couple passionate about finding and sharing the best deals on flights and accommodations for fellow adventurers. Our mission is to help you experience the world without breaking the bank.

about us

Our journey began when we realized that numerous amazing travel deals and offers were often overlooked or missed by many. To address this, we decided to create WowTrips.eu – a one-stop destination for hand-picked flights, hotel offers, and travel promotions specifically tailored for those traveling from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Together, we combine Oleg’s knack for hunting down budget-friendly deals with Veronika’s keen eye for design, creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly platform that makes discovering your next adventure a breeze.

We specialize in hunting down the best travel deals on airline tickets, helping you find cheap flights to destinations worldwide. Whether you’re searching for a nonstop roundtrip or an itinerary filled with new adventures, we’ve got you covered.

We tirelessly search through various platforms, including Skyscanner, Momondo and Google Flights to find the cheapest flights available and the best flight deals tailored to your departure city and desired destination.

We’re dedicated to helping you find cheap airfare and cheap airline tickets for both domestic and international flights. From round trips to one-way journeys, we assist you in finding the cheapest flight prices available.

In addition to flight deals, we provide valuable tips on how to book cheap hotels, manage your baggage effectively, and more. We constantly monitor flight prices and airfare sales, updating you with the latest information so that you can book at just the right time.

Let WowTrips be your go-to source for the cheapest flights, best travel deals, and useful travel tips. Follow us and never miss out on an opportunity to fly to your dream destinations.

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