Promo codes from Airalo eSIM in September

Airalo eSIM promo codes

Exciting times are here for all Airalo users! It does not matter, whether you’re new to the world of eSIM connectivity or a loyal customer, Airalo has whipped up some fantastic savings for the month of September with these Airalo promo codes.

For New Users: A Warm Welcome with 15% Off!

Promo code: SEP15

Buy eSIM at Airalo

Are you new to Airalo? You’re in for a treat! Use the promo code SEP15 when making your first booking on the Airalo site or app, and enjoy a 15% discount. This offer is valid until August 31, and the maximum discount you can get is $100!

For Existing Users: Thanks for Sticking Around – Here’s 10% Off!

Promo code: SEP10

Buy eSIM at Airalo

Airalo hasn’t forgotten its dedicated users. With the promo code SEP10, existing users can grab a 10% discount for one booking made on the Airalo site or app. This code also expires on August 31, and the maximum discount is an impressive $200!

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