SWISS Offers Free Internet Chatting on Long-Haul Flights

SWISS Offers Free Internet Chatting

Starting Wednesday, 2 August, SWISS is giving passengers free internet access for chatting on its long-haul flights. This applies to all seats, no matter where you are sitting on the plane.

What Does This Mean?

You can use popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram for free, without any limits, on Swiss Airline’s long flights.

What If I Want More?

If you want to browse the internet or use email and social media, you’ll have to pay. The price starts from 25 Swiss Francs (€26) for 4-hour access and 35 Swiss Francs (€36) for entire length of the flight. But if you’re in first class or a special member (HON Circle Members), you get all internet access for free.

SWISS Offers Free Internet Chatting In Short

If you fly with Swiss Airline on a long trip, you can now chat with friends and family for free. If you want more internet access, there might be a charge. This new service makes flying more enjoyable and helps you stay connected.

A few other companies like Turkish Airlines already started doing that as well in early 2023.

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