€49 German Rail Pass (D-Ticket): All You Need to Know

The D-Ticket, also known as the Deutschland-Ticket, is a great way to get around Germany. It was released in May 2023 and will be available for purchase until the end of December 2023. This ticket gives you unlimited travel within the country for a monthly fee of just 49 euros. This includes buses, metro, trams, trains and even some ferries. While its mostly meant for local commuters, everybody can actually use it including tourists visiting Germany. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What is the D-Ticket?


The D-Ticket is a subscription ticket for local public transport in Germany which is valid from the first day of the month you bought it for until 3:00 am on the first day of the next month. So if you buy a D-Ticket for May, you can use it until 3:00 am on June 1​. Also if you are travelling to Germany from 25th of June until 5th of July and would like to get D-Ticket for these dates, you will need to purchase a subscription for 2 months.

You can use it to travel on any regional train (like RB, RE), any day of the week, including holidays. But it’s not valid on long-distance trains (like IC, EC, ICE), 1st class and Flixtrains. Use Bahn.com or the DB Navigator Smartphone App to find a suitable train.

How to Buy a D-Ticket?

Regional trains are usually red, while long-distance are white.

To buy a D-Ticket, you’ll need to have an account with the Deutsche Bahn, MVG, BVG, or another German railway app. You’ll also need a valid bank account (IBAN) for the monthly cost to be debited. You can buy the ticket until the 10th of the calendar month before you plan to travel. For example, if you plan to travel in July, you need to buy the ticket by the 10th of June.

How to Cancel a D-Ticket Subscription?

Don’t worry about getting locked into a long-term commitment with the D-Ticket. You can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis. Just make sure to cancel by the 10th (!!) of the calendar month if you don’t want to pay for the next month. This is super important. Put a reminder on your phone, so you don’t forget to do that.

Conclusion for €49 German Rail Pass

The D-Ticket is a great deal for anyone wanting to travel around Germany. It lets you use all local and regional transport as much as you want in a month. It works like a monthly subscription, so you can plan your trips easily. Just remember two important dates: the 10th of the month. If you want to start using the D-Ticket, you need to buy it before the 10th of the month before you want to travel. If you want to stop using it, you need to cancel it before the 10th of the month you’re in. So, with the D-Ticket, seeing all the cool stuff in Germany is easy on your wallet and your schedule.

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